Adult Ministries

Chief: Elder Jason Moore

Anniversary Committee
Captains: Evangelist Lisa Williams, Sister Glenda LeMon, Sister Linda Hewitt, and the Youth Department

Banquet Committee
Spiritual Leader: Evangelist Betty Maize

Board of Directors
Spiritual Leader: Elder Guy Johnson

Spiritual Leader: Sister Sandra Johnson

Cleaning Committee
Spiritual Leader: Sister Elaine Howard

Condolence Ministry
Spiritual Leaders: Evangelist Linda Hewitt and Sister Sandra Johnson

Courtesy Committee
Spiritual Leader: Missionary Gwen Barr

Deacon & Trustee Board

Daughters of Ester Usher Board
Spiritual Leader: Sister Anita Brown

Evangelistic Team

Family and Friends Day
Spiritual Leader: Deacon Joseph Lawrence

Finance Team
Secretary: Evangelist Cynthia Brown

Flower Guild
Spiritual Leaders: Mother Francis Fontaine and Evangelist Ellen Crosby

Home & Foreign Missions
Spiritual Leader: Sister Freda Montgomery

Hospitality Committee
Spiritual Leaders: Evangelist Betty Maize and Evangelist Lisa Williams

Men’s Usher Board
Spiritual Leader: Deacon Kenneth Brown

Men’s Day Service
Spiritual Leaders: Deacon Raymond Weatherspoon and Deacon Joseph Lawrence

Minister’s Board
Spiritual Leader: Elder Shawn McDavis

Missionary Board
Spiritual Leader: Evangelist Sherry Johnson

Mother’s Board
Spiritual Leader: Mother Francis Fontaine

Spiritual Leaders: Sister Linda Hewitt and Missionary Verna Goode

New Convert Class
Spiritual Leaders: Elder Guy Johnson and Evangelist Sherry Johnson

Nurses Board
Spiritual Leader: Mother Francis Fontaine

Spiritual Leader: Missionary Linda Foster

Pauline Foster College Fund
Spiritual Leaders: Sister Wonda McDavis and Evangelist Arla Stinson

Praise Team
Spiritual Leader: Deacon Kenneth Brown

Purity Class
Spiritual Leader: Evangelist Betty Maize

Recovery in Christ

Senior Choir
Director: Missionary Patricia Newby

Special Affairs
Spiritual Leader: Mother Julian Pratt

Sunday School
Spiritual Leader: Mother Francis Fontaine

Usher Board #1
Spiritual Leaders: Mother Helen Green

Voices of Trinity
Director: Deacon Kenneth Brown

Women’s Day Choir
Director: Evangelist Lisa Williams

Women’s Day Service
Spiritual Leader: Sister Violet Sims

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