Prayer and Bible Band Mission Statement

The mission of Prayer and Bible Band is to encourage individuals and families to build their spiritual lives through the study of God’s Word, combined with prayer, with the expectation that following the instructions given in the Word, they will be able to lead others to Christ.

Purity Class Mission Statement

Purity is a Ministry. Its mission is to reach Puritans by exhorting Biblical principles of Jesus Christ and providing instructions for our Puritans to cultivate Christian virtue, integrity, and social graces while preparing them to lead with dignity and high moral codes. It is also important that they feel love and see love in action.

Sunday School

Sunday School began in Britain when the Industrial Revolution caused many children to spend all week working in factories.  The hours were shorten in 1802 to 12 hours a day.  The working hours were lowered again in 1844 with Saturday being one of those working days. Christian philanthropist wanted children to learn, but Sunday was the only day children available for them to gain an education.  English Anglican Evangelist Robert Raikes (1725-1811) devised a plan to gather poor, uneducated working children into classes on Sundays.  Children were taught morality based on the Scriptures.  From this idea, the idea of having Sunday School was adopted by many demoninations.



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