The History of Trinity

This is the House That God Built

In May of 1929, Elder I.G. Glover and his wife came to McKeesport, PA from Battle Creek, MI.  By the leading of the Holy Spirit, they set up a tent at 1605 Byron St., where they held nightly services until the membership began to grow.  From the tent, the church was moved to a store front on 1333 Locust St. and soon moved some months later to First St. in the First Ward of McKeesport on the banks of the Monongahela River and resided there for four years.  The church’s first baptisms were performed in the river, many souls were saved, and the church began to increase.

In 1932, however, Sister Glover became ill due to the pollution of the steel mill.  It was therefore recommended by her doctor that they leave the area to maintain her health.  Elder and Sister Glover then moved to New York where Elder Glover later became the presiding Bishop of New York.

The church in McKeesport, yet without a name, had nine pastors until April of 1940 when Bishop O.T. Jones, Sr. appointed Elder T.W. Hines to the office of Pastor.  Under divine revelation, Elder Hines chose the name, “Trinity Church of God in Christ.” One June 1, 1962, he led the church from 1300 Railroad St. to its first church building at 1010 Jenny Lind St. The Trinity membership grew, souls were saved, and Pastor Hines faithfully served until he became ill in 1971. Elder James Brown from Clairton, PA came to assist Elder Hines and served him faithfully until God called Elder Brown home on May 19, 1974.  Elder James M. Foster (our present Pastor and State Bishop) was requested to assist Elder Hines for only a funeral service, but as the Lord would have it, Elder Foster was requested once again to continue his assistance to Elder Hines for several additional services.  Though Elder Foster’s heart was to continue his tenure at Gethsemane COGIC in Clairton, PA. The Lord’s call upon his life at Trinity was even greater still.  By faith, more souls were saved at Trinity, and it was prophesied to Elder Foster by Sister Moore, a Trinity congregate, that if he remained at Trinity, the Lord would bless him.  Thus, he too faithfully assisted Elder Hines until Elder Hine’s death on February 4, 1977.  On February 20, 1977, under Bishop G.E. Vaughn, Elder Foster was appointed Pastor of Trinity.  Approximately one year later, against all odds, Pastor Foster dared to trust God for another church that seemed unattainable.  Yet, he remained steadfast and led his growing membership to a new church to its present residence at 2216 Jenny Lind St. in McKeesport.  Due to his faithfulness, he was next appointed District Superintendent of the McKeesport District by Bishop Vaughn where he maintained this position for 11 years until 1998.  In March 1998, by several prophetic words and the Lord’s decree, Pastor Foster was appointed to the esteemed office of “Bishop” over the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Western, PA under Bishop Chandler Owens (former presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ).  And we continue to expand by “giving birth” to Pastors in W. PA. from this ministry. Trinity family, truly the Lord has “built this house!”  Amen.

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