But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. –2 Timothy 4:5




Local ministers should be personally convinced of his call to the ministry before being granted a license. He should be able to convince others that God called him to preach, possess a holy conversation, a sound understanding of the things of God, and have a good report of those within and without. He must be willing to “study to show himself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of Truth.”  He should be one that has served faithfully in attendance, tithing, and offering and obedience to his pastor for at least one year before being granted a license.

The licenses preacher shall have authority to preach, conduct worship services, visit jails and hospitals, and may serve a pastoral charge under supervision of a superintendent on a temporary basis, if the need arises.




District Missionaries

The responsibilities of the District Missionaries are to:

1. Act in accordance and give directions as given to her by the Jurisdictional Supervisor and District Superintendent

2. Assist the local church in implementing the ministries through prayer, Bible studies, auxiliaries, units, etc.

3. Encourage the women of their financial obligations and assist the District Superintendent in collecting state and national reports

4. A full financial accounting of all income and expenditures should be submitted to the District Superintendent

Aspiring Missionary

A woman who is saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and feels a special call of God in her life for a higher ministry.  She can be any adult age.  A woman whose life reflects a godly image and who has been faithful to her family and her church.  She must be godly concerned about soul winning, faithful in prayer, and apt to teach.

Deaconess Missionary

Her ministry may include hospital, home visitation, and assisting in prison ministry.  She must study the Word of God, seek training through Institute classes, Bible Schools, etc. After one year of dedicated service, she may be elevated to Evangelist Missionary with the recommendation of her pastor and church mother, only if she feels the call to evangelistic ministry.

State/Jurisdictional Evangelist Missionary

A female who is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost.  One who feels God has called her to expound the gospel of Jesus Christ with a quest and a passion for soul winning.  She must be loyal, dedicated, obedient, and a supportive member of her local church; having the recommendation of her pastor and church mother.  She should also be loyal to her Jurisdictional Bishop and Supervisor.  She must be available to do ministry in the local, district, and state, which could extend into outer state ministry (as endorsed by her leaders).  She must adhere to the teaching of Holiness and modest apparel.  Her life must exemplify Holiness in every way.

The Women’s Home and Foreign Mission Band

Some of the duties and activities of the Home and Foreign Mission Band are as follows:

1. Assist with the purchase of hospital supplies and other aids for the handicapped

2. Assist with the transportation for medical services

3. Purchase and distribute religious literature

4. Visits to convalescent home and extended care facilities

5. Sponsor dinners for senior citizens and the disabled

6. Care packages for those at home and abroad

7. Other related tasks as needed

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